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The Unique LiveWell 1440 Approach

We assess your workplace, discover health risks, intervene, educate, and enroll. We then motivate, engage and coach. We track goals and measure progress and provide results and rewards


Conducts planning sessions and develops strategic, detailed designs to ensure a well thought out successful program.


Suggests appropriate strategies and develops new policies for encouraging and managing the health of your employees.


Develops and implements regularly scheduled motivational and communication documents to establish employee awareness.


Implements and utilizes activity and nutrition trackers to collect rich data and facilitate fun and engaging challenges and games.


Encourages the completion of wellness activities —such as health risk assessments, biometric screenings, and attending events— through incentives and awards to motivate and engage employees.


Connects with health and fitness wearables like FitBit® and mobile devices to facilitate automatic syncing of data and ensure employee engagement.


Provides participation and results based programs to motivate and inspire through education, engagement and accountability and cultivate healthy lifestyles.

How LiveWell 1440 Makes it Happen

Change is hard. We make it fun!

Assessments and Surveys

  • Create and modify complex health risk assessments, surveys and questionnaires with branching logic and unlimited questions
  • Ability to assign by group, locale, and time period
  • Data uploads (for tracking 3rd party programs for incentives)

Goals and Trackers

  • Fitness and physical activity
  • Journal/food diary
  • Personalized goals
  • Integration with FitBit® and other wearable technology
  • Incentive points tracking

Program Communications

  • Secure message center
  • Weekly health tips
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Scheduled coaching communications


  • Custom education campaigns and self-learning programs
  • Ability to provide one-on-one, telephonic, group, online or self-paced or self-directed programs
  • Create multiple groups to support different interests or risks
  • Create a “To Do” list

Social Media

  • Group chat
  • Motivational e-card
  • Buddy list
  • Testimonials


  • Scheduler – easy creative scheduling for online booking
  • Auto email confirmations
  • Auto reminders


  • 40 template challenges covering various topics
  • Team, individual or buddy challenges
  • Games: virtual treasure hunts, secret pop-ups, leaderboards, message boards


  • Over 30 standard reports to carefully evaluate outcomes
  • Real-time reporting

Mobile Device Support

  • Integrates with a variety of devices including; iPhone, iPad, android, blackberry, windows phone


  • Disease and lifestyle management resources available via our vast library of wellness articles and blogs.

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