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LiveWell 1440 helps companies develop, plan, and deliver work environments that support and encourage health and wellness. We accomplish this by motivating and inspiring employees with education, engagement, and accountability through customized activity and outcome-based programs.

LiveWell 1440 provides:

  • Strategic planning
  • Marketing and program branding
  • Customized wellness portal
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Ongoing Customer Support

  • Securely managed eligibility files
  • On­-site program promotion
  • Ongoing trend analysis
  • Program communication strategy
  • Compliance

Blender Bike Rental Program



  • LiveWell 1440 will provide a stationary blender bike where employees can pedal to activate a blender and blend their way to a smoothie.
  • LiveWell 1440 will deliver, set up, and break down the event
  • LiveWell 1440 will provide Blender Bike Attendant making and handing out smoothies
  • LiveWell 1440 will provide all smoothie ingredients.
  • Smoothies provided for each participant with multiple smoothie flavor options available
  • Shipping available outside of South Florida.

Cost Includes:

  • Daily Bike Rental
  • Smoothie ingredients based on the number of attendees
  • Blender Booth Attendant

The Right Fit

  • LiveWell 1440 knows that each company is as unique as its individual employees
  • Create a personalized population health plan tailored to fit your company’s specific culture
  • Develop a plan for engagement and participation
  • Implement Health Education campaigns
  • Measure the health and well-being of your employees and your business

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